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Lauren Conrad from the series, The Hills' recently shared her secrets withLife & Style Magazine on how she stays slim while working long hours on the set of the hit reality series. For breakfast, Lauren said,
"On a normal day, I'll have egg whites, turkey, bacon toast and fruit."
But she also mentioned that when she's in a rush she will grab a protein drink or cottage cheese with fruit. During lunch she enjoys eating hummus, salads and salsas. If she eats meat it is only turkey or seafood as she tries to avoid red meats. Once Lauren is back home for dinner she likes to eat sushi most nights. However, she did say that some nights she has friends over for dinner.
"If there's a bunch of girls at the house, we'll sit around and cook…We also do a lot of Mexican food."
It appears that Lauren Conrad does her best to keep a well-balanced diet. In the magazine, celebrity nutritionist, Oz Garcia took a look at Lauren's menu choices and he said,
"Her eating habits are on track. It's terrific to see that she doesn't skip breakfast."
Good job, Lauren.

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